How many of you have said to yourself ” I am tired of this class, I don’t even need it to graduate.” What about  ” It is people that didn’t even go to college that are making lots of money.” With so many different careers to choose from, and paths to take in life, you may find yourself asking “Do I really need to go to college?” I honestly don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer to that question. Although I just graduated, there were times when I was still in college where I would wonder what will my career would be post graduation, and will it even be in something that I majored in. There are many people  who go to college and major in one thing, and graduate and end up doing something totally different from what they thought. Then its like that person has waisted all that time, and most of all MONEY, in school for nothing.


It seems like every time we look around, there is always someone becoming famous because of a YouTube video that went viral, or a sex tape that just so happen to leak. When we look at things like this it causes us to wonder if we could just skip school and get rich from a “gimmick” , or any other “get rich quick scheme” , that would make us financially stable for the rest of our lives. Even after I graduated I still wondered was it work it. After 5 years in college, and a Sales and marketing degree, I now have to pay back Sallie Mae and all the other men and women who loaned me thru college. I look at people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates (who became billionaires at young ages without finishing college), and wonder why I couldn’t have been brilliant enough to become a billionaire by the age of 23!

Now on the contrary to all of this thinking, I realize that had I not attended and graduated from college, I would not have met such wonderful people, joined two organizations, and formed the relationships that I did. College was a time of making lifelong friendships, experiences and most of all growth. I am definitely not the same person that I was 5 years ago. I feel as though graduating gave the feeling of accomplishment, and completion. I started something that was tedious, tiring, time consuming and a list of other things, but I finished it. Honestly I think even if I was afforded the opportunity of becoming wealthy while attending school, I don’t think I would have done anything differently. I am thankful for all that I have been through and the experiences God has put my way. It has made me a much stronger person and I wouldn’t it any other way.