So I’m sure many of you are still getting adjusted to the new year. Many of you may have resolutions to change your eating habits, start going to church more, or even to cut back on the TV. Well how about a resolution of adding some unique handmade jewelry and accessory items to your wardrobe. I have the perfect items that would go great with your outfit for a day at the office, or a night out on the town. All of my items,which are handmade and customized to fit your style, are available on my website at I hope you enjoy…

Black/Green Necklace $16

Earrings also available for  $6


                                            Black/Green Bracelet $7                       393048_10200266452760899_1741543415_n

Red/Black Bracelet $10


For more hand designed items, be sure to check out .



With the Christmas holiday fast approaching us, I’m sure many of you are still searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And if you are like me, you don’t have a ton of money to spend out in the stores. Some of you may also be working within a budget. Today I will list a few gifts that you can purchase that are under $30. Not I don’t mean a cheap little gift that the recipient will probably throw away the next day, or another towel or pair of socks that you already got last year. I’m talking about some quality, creative, handmade items, that are all handmade and designed by me, and can be purchased directly from my website , sent right to your doorstep. Although I have only listed a few items here, feel free to checkout my wonderful collection of products at .  Here it goes….   The first item is THIS BEAUTIFUL  SAFETY PIN BROOCH that is sold for $10 This particular brooch comes in red and green (perfect for the Christmas holidays), but I can customize using the colors of your choice.

            This one is $8                                     Safety Pin Brooch $10                                                 Also $8



427842_4665293667245_42657145_n29369_4884587189446_1797145731_nHand painted wood based earrings $10

Customized Beaded Charm Bracelet (Name and Colors of your Choice) $10

                Hand Designed Beaded Wooden Name Necklace (Customized Using Name and Colors of Choice) $16