With the holidays coming up, I’m sure many of you will be attending different office parties, birthday parties, and all types of other celebrations. You probably have even brought the perfect outfit for the occasion (or so you thought), with plans on pulling that sexy co-worker of yours that you have been making eyes with all year. Well before you go outside thinking that you are the best thing since sliced bread, maybe you should re-evaluate yourself in front of a mirror. If you are contemplating on changing into a new outfit, ask yourself these questions: 1) “Is my dress so tight that every roll on my body is attempting to rip through the seams?” 2) Are my pants sagging so low that everyone behind me knows what color the horse on my drawers is?” 3) “Do I need to redo my hairstyle so that the whole world will not see every track sewn into my head?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, TRY AGAIN! It is not cute for a women to have on clot

tumblr_mco7plVfU91rdft1ao1_500hes that are three sizes too small. If you have to do all that to get a man and attention, then maybe you just aren’t as fabulous as you think! And for all the males out there, you are too old to be sagging your pants. BUY A BELT, OR PANTS THAT FIT! Maybe if you knew the origin of that, you would think twice before you came out the house like that. Remember, it is ok to ask for help. When me and my friends would get ready to go out we would make sure that we all looked to part, before we left the house, or we would be quick to tell each other, you look a mess.

Now being ratchet does not just have to do with the way you dress. Your actions play a big part in how people perceive. Don’t be that person that always at the club starting fights with everybody , or ready to tell someone off because they stepped on your shoes. That is not cool in any shape, way or form. Especially when you are someone that people around you may look up to. STOP THE MADNESS! Just because because this person called you out of your name does not mean that you have to be ready to throw hands. It is ok to just let some things. Now if someone puts their hands on you, that is a different story, but if not, LET IT GO. You should not want to be perceived around campus, your job, or anywhere as that boy, or that girl that always getting into it with other people. That is how people loose friends! That is also not a good look for you professionally. Believe it or not, no matter how much you try and hide it, your past will catch up with you. REMEMBER, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND ACT!  Your actions, not only affect you, but those around you. The next time you find yourself about to get into one of those “ratchet” situations, ask yourself  “Is this something that I would be proud of tomorrow, next month, or even next year?” Think About It…



How many of you have said to yourself ” I am tired of this class, I don’t even need it to graduate.” What about  ” It is people that didn’t even go to college that are making lots of money.” With so many different careers to choose from, and paths to take in life, you may find yourself asking “Do I really need to go to college?” I honestly don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer to that question. Although I just graduated, there were times when I was still in college where I would wonder what will my career would be post graduation, and will it even be in something that I majored in. There are many people  who go to college and major in one thing, and graduate and end up doing something totally different from what they thought. Then its like that person has waisted all that time, and most of all MONEY, in school for nothing.


It seems like every time we look around, there is always someone becoming famous because of a YouTube video that went viral, or a sex tape that just so happen to leak. When we look at things like this it causes us to wonder if we could just skip school and get rich from a “gimmick” , or any other “get rich quick scheme” , that would make us financially stable for the rest of our lives. Even after I graduated I still wondered was it work it. After 5 years in college, and a Sales and marketing degree, I now have to pay back Sallie Mae and all the other men and women who loaned me thru college. I look at people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates (who became billionaires at young ages without finishing college), and wonder why I couldn’t have been brilliant enough to become a billionaire by the age of 23!

Now on the contrary to all of this thinking, I realize that had I not attended and graduated from college, I would not have met such wonderful people, joined two organizations, and formed the relationships that I did. College was a time of making lifelong friendships, experiences and most of all growth. I am definitely not the same person that I was 5 years ago. I feel as though graduating gave the feeling of accomplishment, and completion. I started something that was tedious, tiring, time consuming and a list of other things, but I finished it. Honestly I think even if I was afforded the opportunity of becoming wealthy while attending school, I don’t think I would have done anything differently. I am thankful for all that I have been through and the experiences God has put my way. It has made me a much stronger person and I wouldn’t it any other way.




With the Christmas holiday fast approaching us, I’m sure many of you are still searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And if you are like me, you don’t have a ton of money to spend out in the stores. Some of you may also be working within a budget. Today I will list a few gifts that you can purchase that are under $30. Not I don’t mean a cheap little gift that the recipient will probably throw away the next day, or another towel or pair of socks that you already got last year. I’m talking about some quality, creative, handmade items, that are all handmade and designed by me, and can be purchased directly from my website , sent right to your doorstep. Although I have only listed a few items here, feel free to checkout my wonderful collection of products at .  Here it goes….   The first item is THIS BEAUTIFUL  SAFETY PIN BROOCH that is sold for $10 This particular brooch comes in red and green (perfect for the Christmas holidays), but I can customize using the colors of your choice.

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Customized Beaded Charm Bracelet (Name and Colors of your Choice) $10

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If you read part 1 of the is article then you know what to expect from part 2. For those of you who may not be familiar, let me just give you a recap. In part 1, I discussed how different our generation is from that of our grandparents when it comes to our sexuality. Girls and women alike have allowed themselves to become sexual objects to men, while males continue to get thrills out of having multiple sexual partners. I ended the last article saying RAISE YOU STANDARDS!

As women, we need to expect more from the men that we date. It should take more than a meal to Red Lobster, for him to get you into bed with him. You can’t keep complaining how this person or that does not respect you, when in turn you don’t respect yourself. It is a give and take when it comes to that. How can you expect someone to take you serious when you run around having one night stands, with your business all around town?  Now some women may think well “If I keep my business to myself then it is ok,  because no one will know what I do.” Honestly just because you don’t tell everyone your business does not mean that the other person won’t. I have come to find out that men seem to talk more than women do, contrary to what people may believe. And aside from the fact of your business not getting out, you should have some pride about yourself as a women. Your goodies should be worth more than a $10 meal, or a good conversation. Let him work for what he wants. Just like in life, we have to work for what we want, and anything that comes easy, probably isn’t worth having.slide-1

Now men don’t think you are off the hook. You are just as much guilty as the woman. In our society today, it is not considered cool, for a man to be in a monogamous relationship, and if he is then people call him “whipped.” NO it is called being a man and keeping your woman happy. But of course BOYS will never understand that. Just because a man likes spending time with his girl, and knows how to treat her he has to be “whipped.” Well if that is the case, I think more men need to get “whipped.” There comes a time in your life, when you should want more out of women than a big butt and nice curves. Stop asking yourself what she can do for you, and think about what YOU can do for her. How about being honest, FAITHFUL, and not ashamed to show your love in front of her friends. Maybe even put a ring on it. Now is that too much to ask?

Think About It…


How many times have you heard someone say  “I’m not worried about the price, I’m balling anyway.” or ” I just got my refund check so I’m balling.” True as a college student those refund checks come in handy, especially when that is the most piece of money a lot of students will see the whole year. But what happens after those refund checks are gone? What happens when mommy and daddy’s “support my student fund” runs low? A lot of people try and live beyond their means not only just in school, but in everyday life. Why do you need to spend $300 on a pair of shoes, or $150 for a t-shirt to go to class? Now if you can afford those expensive items then by all mean treat yourself to them. Now when I say afford, I mean YOU not YOUR PARENTS! Going into your parents pocket every week for a loan, or still getting allowances, DOES NOT  mean that you can afford something. It just simply means that your parents are gracious enough to still support you and your habits while you are in school or until they decide to cut you off. Back when I was in college I always had a job, dating all the way back to high school. There is just a certain sense of achievement when you can say that you have your own. I had nice Coach bags, and would always stay on the internet looking for a new outfit, but guess what, I could afford it. I could afford it without asking my parents for anything, and more importantly I am a bargain shopper. I did and still do look for the best deals in whatever I do, thanks to my parents!

There are too many men and women in the world spending beyond their means. They feel like they have to keep up with the Joneses, when in reality, they can’t afford the Joneses. Just be real and tell yourself  and say “I can’t afford that.” There are plenty times when I may be at the mall or watching TV and see and expensive piece of jewelry or pair of shoes that I like, and may even think about getting, then I have to bring myself back to reality and realize that I can’t afford that. Even if I could afford the item, I still don’t need it! People feelbroke-phi-broke the need to look like their favorite celebrity, or maybe even one of their family members, but guess what, THEY CAN AFFORD WHAT THEY HAVE! I don’t understand why someone would spend their rent money, or money that could be used for their children on an expensive item, just to say they have it.

The next time you are at the mall and you are thinking about paying $300 for the designer bag or $200 for a shirt with a horse on it, ask yourself  “Can I really afford this ?”

Think About it…

B***H, Slut, N***A

“Oh my God, she called me out of my name, I wanna fight her.” “I can’t stand her she called me  a b***h” or “This n***a just called me broke, I wanna fight him.”I’m sure you can think of numerous times you have heard someone say either one of these phrases to you about somebody else. They get all riled up because somebody gave them a dirty up, or somebody call them out of their name. SO WHAT! I don’t know maybe its just me, but I could really care less that you called me a b***h. I know what I am and what I’m not and that is all that matters. I think this world would be a much peaceful and productive place if people stop wasting so much time and energy focused on the negative things in life. So many people spend time on social media sites, making a status or tweeting about somebody, and call themselves trying to get back at the other person. FOR WHAT? Obviously you have let that person have that much control over your life, that you waste precious time trying to “tell them off.” GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME! Do you see Beyonce (probably one of the most talked about people in the world besides the president), on TV cursing somebody out because they called her a name?  NO! Why? Because she is too busy making money to worry about what someone had to say about her or her life. Take a page from her book and learn how to pick your battles.

Think about it….Image