“That’s just my baby daddy.” My baby mama get on my nerve.” How many times have you heard someone say these words? It seems like everyday, more and more people are becoming baby mama’s and baby daddy’s, instead of husbands and wives.


Now I understand that everyone makes mistakes and deserve a second chance. There are even those extreme instances where people get raped, and are forced into the life of single parenthood. These are the situations that cannot be helped, and put both the mother and child in very uncomfortable situations. But what about those people who constantly keep making those same mistakes? You keep getting pregnant by that same man who was no good to begin with. You keep making babies with that same woman who you would not give your last name to. Why?

People like Kourtney Kardashian really amaze me. It’s like she has been with her boyfriend Scott for all these years, has two babies, and still have no plans on getting married. Now maybe it’s just me, but I just could not see myself keep getting knocked up by some man, that I want to break up with every other day. Why? Children deserve to be raised by two parents who love each other. Now I understand that situations happen and things just don’t work out. My parents were married for some time before they got divorced, and even though their marriage didn’t work, my father was and still is a great father. I guess people feel like having a baby will change their relationship or make it better. Most times that usually ends the relationship because, with the extra stress of having a baby, on top of the existent problems, it is too much to handle. The next time you decide to have sex with someone, ask yourself would you want this person to be the father/mother of your kids and husband/wife?
Think about it…




“Some people treat Jesus like a sugardaddy.” This is the phrase that my stepdad said as we got ready to leave the house, this Christmas morning. When I first heard these words, I kind of laughed, but when I actually thought about it, I realized how much sense it makes.

Many of us use the Lord’s name in vain. We call on him when we are at our lowest, or need a passing grade on a test. Why can’t we call on Him when we are at our highest? Why can’t God be apart of our everyday lives. This is something that I am guilty of myself. Even to this day I still struggle with making time for God’s word. I am trying to make a conscious effort to attempt to talk to Him everyday. It seems like nowadays, as a society we only call on God when there has been a tragedy or when we need financial help. And then if our prayers aren’t answered, we blame it on God as if He did something wrong. Sometimes I wonder if He allows certain tragedies and events to happen to try and get a message through to us.

Another thing I don’t understand is how people blame God for their current situation. People will put themselves in certain situations and then wonder why they can’t get out of them. What are you doing to change your current situation. It’s like we want to call His name for help and then sit back and do the same thing we have always done. How do you expect the Lord to help you if you are not helping yourself? The next time you think about blaming God for something ask yourself “What did I do to put myself in this situation?”
Think About It…



How many of you have had your heart broken? How many of you had a friend betray you? What about having someone you thought was your friend, secretly plotting against you? In life, we are faced with situations and people who try us in more ways than one. People will use, abuse, mistreat, and do all sorts of things to piss you off. As human beings, it is natural for us to feel hatred, and animosity towards people that do us wrong. We may even give them the old fashioned silent treatment.

I have had my share of experiences, where I have had to learn how to forgive. People that I thought were close to me proved to be “snakes” as I call them. Now for a minute, I held a bit of animosity towards these people. I thought that ignoring or giving the silent treatment was the answer. After a while I realized that it just was not worth it. It’s like the Lord was talking to me, teaching me how to forgive. I then begin to slowly start to accept the fact that in life, God will put people in our life as lessons. One of those lessons is the act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness will help you get through life, and feel better about yourself when going through situations. If Jesus can forgive us for all of our many sins, why can’t we forgive our neighbors? Think about it….



If you read part 1 of the is article then you know what to expect from part 2. For those of you who may not be familiar, let me just give you a recap. In part 1, I discussed how different our generation is from that of our grandparents when it comes to our sexuality. Girls and women alike have allowed themselves to become sexual objects to men, while males continue to get thrills out of having multiple sexual partners. I ended the last article saying RAISE YOU STANDARDS!

As women, we need to expect more from the men that we date. It should take more than a meal to Red Lobster, for him to get you into bed with him. You can’t keep complaining how this person or that does not respect you, when in turn you don’t respect yourself. It is a give and take when it comes to that. How can you expect someone to take you serious when you run around having one night stands, with your business all around town?  Now some women may think well “If I keep my business to myself then it is ok,  because no one will know what I do.” Honestly just because you don’t tell everyone your business does not mean that the other person won’t. I have come to find out that men seem to talk more than women do, contrary to what people may believe. And aside from the fact of your business not getting out, you should have some pride about yourself as a women. Your goodies should be worth more than a $10 meal, or a good conversation. Let him work for what he wants. Just like in life, we have to work for what we want, and anything that comes easy, probably isn’t worth having.slide-1

Now men don’t think you are off the hook. You are just as much guilty as the woman. In our society today, it is not considered cool, for a man to be in a monogamous relationship, and if he is then people call him “whipped.” NO it is called being a man and keeping your woman happy. But of course BOYS will never understand that. Just because a man likes spending time with his girl, and knows how to treat her he has to be “whipped.” Well if that is the case, I think more men need to get “whipped.” There comes a time in your life, when you should want more out of women than a big butt and nice curves. Stop asking yourself what she can do for you, and think about what YOU can do for her. How about being honest, FAITHFUL, and not ashamed to show your love in front of her friends. Maybe even put a ring on it. Now is that too much to ask?

Think About It…


How many times have you heard someone say  “I’m not worried about the price, I’m balling anyway.” or ” I just got my refund check so I’m balling.” True as a college student those refund checks come in handy, especially when that is the most piece of money a lot of students will see the whole year. But what happens after those refund checks are gone? What happens when mommy and daddy’s “support my student fund” runs low? A lot of people try and live beyond their means not only just in school, but in everyday life. Why do you need to spend $300 on a pair of shoes, or $150 for a t-shirt to go to class? Now if you can afford those expensive items then by all mean treat yourself to them. Now when I say afford, I mean YOU not YOUR PARENTS! Going into your parents pocket every week for a loan, or still getting allowances, DOES NOT  mean that you can afford something. It just simply means that your parents are gracious enough to still support you and your habits while you are in school or until they decide to cut you off. Back when I was in college I always had a job, dating all the way back to high school. There is just a certain sense of achievement when you can say that you have your own. I had nice Coach bags, and would always stay on the internet looking for a new outfit, but guess what, I could afford it. I could afford it without asking my parents for anything, and more importantly I am a bargain shopper. I did and still do look for the best deals in whatever I do, thanks to my parents!

There are too many men and women in the world spending beyond their means. They feel like they have to keep up with the Joneses, when in reality, they can’t afford the Joneses. Just be real and tell yourself  and say “I can’t afford that.” There are plenty times when I may be at the mall or watching TV and see and expensive piece of jewelry or pair of shoes that I like, and may even think about getting, then I have to bring myself back to reality and realize that I can’t afford that. Even if I could afford the item, I still don’t need it! People feelbroke-phi-broke the need to look like their favorite celebrity, or maybe even one of their family members, but guess what, THEY CAN AFFORD WHAT THEY HAVE! I don’t understand why someone would spend their rent money, or money that could be used for their children on an expensive item, just to say they have it.

The next time you are at the mall and you are thinking about paying $300 for the designer bag or $200 for a shirt with a horse on it, ask yourself  “Can I really afford this ?”

Think About it…

B***H, Slut, N***A

“Oh my God, she called me out of my name, I wanna fight her.” “I can’t stand her she called me  a b***h” or “This n***a just called me broke, I wanna fight him.”I’m sure you can think of numerous times you have heard someone say either one of these phrases to you about somebody else. They get all riled up because somebody gave them a dirty up, or somebody call them out of their name. SO WHAT! I don’t know maybe its just me, but I could really care less that you called me a b***h. I know what I am and what I’m not and that is all that matters. I think this world would be a much peaceful and productive place if people stop wasting so much time and energy focused on the negative things in life. So many people spend time on social media sites, making a status or tweeting about somebody, and call themselves trying to get back at the other person. FOR WHAT? Obviously you have let that person have that much control over your life, that you waste precious time trying to “tell them off.” GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME! Do you see Beyonce (probably one of the most talked about people in the world besides the president), on TV cursing somebody out because they called her a name?  NO! Why? Because she is too busy making money to worry about what someone had to say about her or her life. Take a page from her book and learn how to pick your battles.

Think about it….Image