“Man that girl looking good in those jeans.” “I want to take him home and see what he working with.” “I would love to piece of that thang right there.” I’m sure many of you have heard these very words from your friends and family alike. In a society where sex sells and is glorified by our peers, how can we not want to get in on this trend right? WRONG! In the decades of our grandparents, you could  not just meet a girl one night and have bragging rights to her private parts within the next. There was a certain standard that girls and women alike, were expected to live by. You did not have all of the single parents running around and babies out of wedlock. Back then, marriage was much more glorified and valued than it is today.

Nowadays you have shows like “Maury”, that thrive off of single mothers and girls who don’t know who fathered there baby. “In the case of …..he is NOT THE FATHER! Yes I will admit this is probably one of my favorite shows because it is a form of entertainment, just like any other reality show. I just know that would never be me on the stage wondering who my baby daddy is. But with so many men and women alike, having unprotected sex, with NUMEROUS people, it seems like Maury will be a rich man for years to come! I laugh at the show while watching it, as I’m sure many of you do, but the reality of the situation is no laughing matter. When are we going to get back some of those standards from our grand and great grand parents generation? People who remain virgins for numerous years after they

images turn 12, men especially, are laughed at and sometimes looked down upon. Yes I said 12, because it seems like with each year that goes past, the age of girls having sex gets younger and younger. It is the “cool” thing for males to  have various sex partners and babies by five different girls. On the flip side of that if a woman does the same thing she is labeled as a ho.

Then you have the females that think, “Well if he men can do it, so can I, I will play them just like they do us.” Then you get mad when the dude you call yourself liking and having sex with, leaves you out cold for the next chick. Well maybe if you had thought with your head instead of letting him insert his, you would have realized that he wasn’t nothing to begin with. STOP GETTING PLAYED. This goes for men and women alike. Boys, (and I don’t mean just males under the age of 18, I mean any male that is still BASIC, gettingimagesa thrill off out of simple things) let a big butt and large breasts distract them from what was really in front of them. The same applies for women, getting distracted by the “package” inside a man’s pants. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!TO BE CONTINUED…


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