How many times have you heard someone say  “I’m not worried about the price, I’m balling anyway.” or ” I just got my refund check so I’m balling.” True as a college student those refund checks come in handy, especially when that is the most piece of money a lot of students will see the whole year. But what happens after those refund checks are gone? What happens when mommy and daddy’s “support my student fund” runs low? A lot of people try and live beyond their means not only just in school, but in everyday life. Why do you need to spend $300 on a pair of shoes, or $150 for a t-shirt to go to class? Now if you can afford those expensive items then by all mean treat yourself to them. Now when I say afford, I mean YOU not YOUR PARENTS! Going into your parents pocket every week for a loan, or still getting allowances, DOES NOT  mean that you can afford something. It just simply means that your parents are gracious enough to still support you and your habits while you are in school or until they decide to cut you off. Back when I was in college I always had a job, dating all the way back to high school. There is just a certain sense of achievement when you can say that you have your own. I had nice Coach bags, and would always stay on the internet looking for a new outfit, but guess what, I could afford it. I could afford it without asking my parents for anything, and more importantly I am a bargain shopper. I did and still do look for the best deals in whatever I do, thanks to my parents!

There are too many men and women in the world spending beyond their means. They feel like they have to keep up with the Joneses, when in reality, they can’t afford the Joneses. Just be real and tell yourself  and say “I can’t afford that.” There are plenty times when I may be at the mall or watching TV and see and expensive piece of jewelry or pair of shoes that I like, and may even think about getting, then I have to bring myself back to reality and realize that I can’t afford that. Even if I could afford the item, I still don’t need it! People feelbroke-phi-broke the need to look like their favorite celebrity, or maybe even one of their family members, but guess what, THEY CAN AFFORD WHAT THEY HAVE! I don’t understand why someone would spend their rent money, or money that could be used for their children on an expensive item, just to say they have it.

The next time you are at the mall and you are thinking about paying $300 for the designer bag or $200 for a shirt with a horse on it, ask yourself  “Can I really afford this ?”

Think About it…


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