How many of you have heard the saying ” Watch out for those wolves in sheep clothing?” or as one rapper would say  “Keep them squares up out your circle.” Many of you have probably heard this, but the question is do you know exactly what this means? Do you know who the wolves are in your life? During the 5 years that I spent in undergraduate school, I had a chance to meet and become cool with a lot of people. Notice I said just be cool with and not friends! I am the type of person where when I first meet somebody, I have to feel them out and see what type of a person they are. Most people would call me shy upon initially meeting me, because depending on the setting I don’t really say too much. But don’t get it twisted though. Just because I am sitting there quiet, does not mean that I am not observing. As a female my mother used to always tell me that it is not good to have too many female friends. At the time when she first told me that, I listened to her, but I didn’t really take it to heart. When I came to college on my own and started to form new relationships with people, that is when I really started to realize the importance of her words.


It wasn’t until about my last year in college that I actually  had to remove some of those “wolves” out of my life. These wolves were people that for the sake of an organization, were called family. I am the type of person where I try and find the good in everybody. I am always that one person that will say ” Well I know she just cursed this girl out today, but yesterday she helped and older lady to the car.” And for a while I tried to find the good in these people, and like I stated earlier, looked at them as family because of the bond that w

e shared. Then there came a time when I realized that these people were doing me no good by being in my life. Its like every time I turned around there was always something negative coming from them about something or someone else. Negativity is not something that is going to get me where I need to be in life. That is when I decided to steer away from these wolves and pray for them.

Now just because you get away from the wolves in your life does not mean that you can’t be cordial to them. This is also something I learned throughout the years. It does the body no good to hold in animosity towards your enemies. The best thing you can do is to accept the situation for what it is, move forward and wish happiness for those people you have left behind. This is still something I am working even to this day. As a college graduate I try and use more wisdom when it comes to reading people and forming relationships with them. Usually the signs of a wolf are there from the beginning we just have t

o open up our eyes and see things for what they are. Remember wolves in sheep clothing come in all colors, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, race, family and friends (or so we call them). I keep my circle small with no squares allowed!  So before you get ready to start or end you day, ask yourself “Who are the potential wolves in my life and why are they still around?

wolf_in_sheeps_clothingThink About It…


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