How many times have you heard someone say the phrase “You aint bout that life,” or “I’m bout that life?” Exactly what life are you about? Are you talking about the life of cursing somebody out just because they stepped on your shoes, or maybe the life of getting into fights every time you step outside your house? THAT IS NOT THE LIFE TO BE ABOUT! As a recent college graduate, I have heard my share of these few words while back in undergrad. People will be mid-conversation talking to one of their friends, and yell out to that girl she may be having an altercation with “Trick you aint bout that life.” You sound crazy! And as a soon to be or college graduate, you should be tired of being about that life. How about you be about a life of excellence. How about a life of helping the less fortunate. Or maybe a life of doing the right thing and sometimes turning the other cheek.

It does not take much to go around being ignorant yelling out ignorant things. It does take a lot of discipline and self control to know that there is place and time for everything and when to simply walk away. We need to start thinking long term with the decisions that we make. How will you feel a month from now about the actions you took outside of that party? How would you feel if your children exhibited the same behavior as you? More importantly how will those decisions affect your future business dealings with people around the world?

Think About it…


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