“F**k Me, No F**k You.” This is usually the start to a conversation gone bad. As humans it is perfectly normal for us to get angry about things and want to curse each other out. The key to maintaining healthy relationships is knowing how to deal with your anger and the situation in a positive manner. Remember the term “Think before you speak.” Before you begin to open your mouth and say something reckless to somebody, think about you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

Imagine this scenario. You and one of your roommates are really good friends, who have a pretty good understanding about the sharing of items, and how things work around the house. Now imagine you come home one day hoping to heat up one of your favorite TV dinners that you have been thinking about all day, only to find that the succulent dish that you have been waiting on is not where you remember it being. Immediately your first thought is to accuse your roommate or one of their friends of eating up your food. You get on the phone, tempers flaring ready to give that roommate a piece of your mind. The phone rings 3 times with your roommate finally picking up the phone. Before they can even get a good “Hello” out, all they hear is “Where the **** is my motherf****** food that I had in the d*** freezer?” By this time your roommate is on the other line turnt up. The next thing you know all you hear is “What the f*** you talking about what happen to the food, don’t be accusing me of s***.” So instead of getting to the bottom of the missing food, you are now involved in a war of words. All bad on so many levels.

Now imagine what would have happened if you had actually thought about what to say before you decided to get on the phone with your roommate. You would have been calm, she would have been calm, and maybe you could have gotten to the bottom of the missing dinner. Bottom line is DON’T GIVE OUT SOMETHING YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO RECEIVE BACK! The next time you find yourself in one of these “sticky” situations take a moment and think to yourself  “How can I communicate with this person in a positive way so that we can peacefully resolve the issue?”

Think about it….


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