If You Don’t Know, Shut Up!

How many times have you heard something about you that wasn’t true? How many times have u heard a rumor about someone else that you knew just didn’t make sense? As a member of a greek lettered organization, that is how I feel when someone assumes something about me. That is just like a stranger trying to tell you about your family history, based off of what they think they know. I get so tired of hearing non-greeks saying things about what they think one sorority does, or how one fraternity does business. Now I will admit, I was once guilty of doing this very thing. Before I became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. back in 2010, I would make my own assumptions about the greeks on my campus. Some looked stuck up, some looked ratchet, and some just didn’t seem approachable at all. I based the whole organization off of the few representatives that I saw. Now that I am apart of the life that I once judged, I know how it feels to constantly be stereotyped. I have heard everything from greeks are of the devil, we idolize the our organizations, to we just party all the time.

Although every organization is different, one thing I can say is that all members of the National Pan Hellenic Council were formed for sisterhood/brotherhood and service. So to all you people who think that greek life is just a bunch of partying and worshipping the devil, DO YOU HOMEWORK!  We are hard working men and women who serve the community, our families and each other. We are not perfect in any shape way or form, but we do strive for greatness and upholding the principles set forth by our founding members. The next time you want to fix your mouth to judge me and my organization, ask yourself “Would I want someone judging me?”

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5 thoughts on “If You Don’t Know, Shut Up!

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’m not greek, but I have a boyfriend who is and we literally argue ALL THE TIME because I have my opinions & thoughts or whatever. But from a “GDI” (lol) perspective I can only assume things when I don’t understand. And yes, it’s ignorant as hell of me/us but when greek people are already so “secretive” about their business you can’t honestly expect someone to understand or “know better” when half of the things we assume, y’all not allowed to tell us anyway! lol
    I always wonder if I ever become greek would this bother me as much as is does my boyfriend lol (& apparently a lot of others)

    • Yea I know it can be hard to understand at times, because you right a lot of stuff is kept secretive. But then again a lot of stuff that people think is secretive really is not. All people have to do is ask! It seems like some people don’t understand that we are normal like anyone else we just have three letters across our chest. Then again some people make themselves more than what they really are because they are Greek. They get a big head about themselves. Does your boyfriend try and help you understand some of what Greek life is all about?

      • Yeah. He’s a kappa & he tells me things about it to an extent. I would def. say I know a lot more about it than others but obviously it’s still stuff he doesn’t tell me and there’s really nothing I can do about these things except create jokes or stereotypes of them. I mean I know it makes y’all mad or whatever but it’s truly all fun and games. No shade.

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