B***H, Slut, N***A

“Oh my God, she called me out of my name, I wanna fight her.” “I can’t stand her she called me  a b***h” or “This n***a just called me broke, I wanna fight him.”I’m sure you can think of numerous times you have heard someone say either one of these phrases to you about somebody else. They get all riled up because somebody gave them a dirty up, or somebody call them out of their name. SO WHAT! I don’t know maybe its just me, but I could really care less that you called me a b***h. I know what I am and what I’m not and that is all that matters. I think this world would be a much peaceful and productive place if people stop wasting so much time and energy focused on the negative things in life. So many people spend time on social media sites, making a status or tweeting about somebody, and call themselves trying to get back at the other person. FOR WHAT? Obviously you have let that person have that much control over your life, that you waste precious time trying to “tell them off.” GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME! Do you see Beyonce (probably one of the most talked about people in the world besides the president), on TV cursing somebody out because they called her a name?  NO! Why? Because she is too busy making money to worry about what someone had to say about her or her life. Take a page from her book and learn how to pick your battles.

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If You Don’t Know, Shut Up!

How many times have you heard something about you that wasn’t true? How many times have u heard a rumor about someone else that you knew just didn’t make sense? As a member of a greek lettered organization, that is how I feel when someone assumes something about me. That is just like a stranger trying to tell you about your family history, based off of what they think they know. I get so tired of hearing non-greeks saying things about what they think one sorority does, or how one fraternity does business. Now I will admit, I was once guilty of doing this very thing. Before I became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. back in 2010, I would make my own assumptions about the greeks on my campus. Some looked stuck up, some looked ratchet, and some just didn’t seem approachable at all. I based the whole organization off of the few representatives that I saw. Now that I am apart of the life that I once judged, I know how it feels to constantly be stereotyped. I have heard everything from greeks are of the devil, we idolize the our organizations, to we just party all the time.

Although every organization is different, one thing I can say is that all members of the National Pan Hellenic Council were formed for sisterhood/brotherhood and service. So to all you people who think that greek life is just a bunch of partying and worshipping the devil, DO YOU HOMEWORK!  We are hard working men and women who serve the community, our families and each other. We are not perfect in any shape way or form, but we do strive for greatness and upholding the principles set forth by our founding members. The next time you want to fix your mouth to judge me and my organization, ask yourself “Would I want someone judging me?”

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